Clostridial Vaccination in Lambs

With lambing now over for most people, though perhaps not yet the distant memory everyone would like, our attention should turn to making the most of the lambs you have on the ground. Minimising losses is a crucial part of this and to this end money is better spent on investing in prevention, such as lamb vaccination, rather than attempting to ‘fix’ problems.

A perfect example of this is vaccination against Clostridial diseases and Pasteurella in lambs.

Key points to remember are:

  • Ewes are only fully ‘on the system’ if they have a primary course of 2 vaccinations and an annual booster 4-6 weeks pre-lambing.
  • Maternally derived immunity from vaccinated ewes via the colostrum only last for 3 months for Clostridial disease and 3-4 weeks for Pasteurella.
  • Consider a 4-in-1 vaccination (e.g. Ovivac P Plus) at this time in lambs destined for stores and a 7 or 8-in-1 (e.g. Heptavac P Plus) in lambs for breeding.

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