VetTech Service

We are aware that you as farmers are getting busier with less time to plan and organise effective health care strategies.

Our VetTech services are designed to provide a hassle free way to ensure your herd’s health. We have found that since developing the services, farmers value the extra help for those little jobs that come along once or twice a month, such as disbudding and vaccination.

For those who want to give it a go, we offer a first taste of the VetTech service free of charge on top of the price of any product. We understand that you will want to have confidence in our VetTech team. So it if only fair that the initial service is provided free so we can demonstrate the professionalism of the service.

Freeze Branding

We now offer a full freeze branding service.

This is a unique branding service as we provide two VetTechs to complete the job fully so that you can continue to carry out other jobs whilst your cattle are being sorted. We’ve found this has saved farmers a lot of time and hassle.

For more information, please visit our freeze branding page.

Youngstock Management

The team conduct a range of youngstock services including growth checks and Colostral immunity. Colostral immunity is particularly helpful as it can identify poor quality colostrum. Plus identify limited intake by calves during their first few feeds. The report can encourage improvements in colostrum management on farm which in turn will boost the health and growth of calves.

Mobility and Body Condition Scoring

Trained up to the ROMS mobility scoring standards, our VetTech team can assess your whole herd mobility. Following this a report is generated which is now increasingly needed for milk processor contracts. Each report shows the progress since the last assessment, and problem cows easily identified for corrective treatment as required.

The team can also carry out Body Condition Scoring (BCS) for the herd on a chosen day of your choice. This is normally scheduled in alongside routine visits.


The VetTech team are trained to collect a variety of samples for diagnostic testing, including milk and faecal samples. It can be particularly helpful to have and extra pair of hands to collect samples at milking and when handling stock.


We use a high tech method of disbudding and always utilise long acting pain relief for the calves. This is part of the service as we find this helps maintain feed intake. We only disbud up to six weeks old as it reduces stress and makes handling easier.

Fly Control

During the height of spring and summer our VetTech’s are normally very busy with fly control products and preventative measures. They have a range of products at their disposal that will suit a range of conditions. This includes fly parasites which ensure a sustainable approach to fly control when integrated with other non chemical methods. For more information about fly parasites and how they work, please visit Clover Friendly Flies.