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Farm Veterinary Services

We are recognised leaders of farm veterinary services in the UK. We have recently won the British Dairying Cream Award partly for our wide range of clinical farm service. This is also due to our team of enthusiastic and passionate vets who have extensive experience working exclusively for farmers, which means that your livestock are in the most capable hands.

Our dedicated team of farm vets carry out a broad range of clinical work each day. This includes routine fertility visits, herd / flock health planning, infectious disease management and clinical diagnosis. We also have a specialist TB team who undertake all TB work. Our vets are backed up by our fantastic support team who ensure calls run smoothly and on time therefore minimising disruption to your working day. In addition to this, our leading VetTech team work in conjunction with vets on farm to maintain a high level of animal health and productivity. Read more about our VetTech service.
We are development partners of a farm data management system called VetImpress to analyse and process herd and individual cow data. The system allows us to see the performance data of a cow from birth through to lactation and beyond. This helps us pinpoint successes and overcome problems on farm. Our team are able to assist in all relevant areas of farm health management through efficient screening and processing. In addition to VetImpress, we have use of all the top data management tools for farm business including Dairy Comp 305, TotalVet, Interherd, Uniform Agri, Moomonitor and Silent Herdsman. We integrate and work closely with CIS, NMR and QMMS to help develop the service available to you.
Our suite of bespoke analysis tools takes you beyond conventional health scheme requirements and positions you for the best contracts in the market.  We constantly develop these offerings and are particularly proud of our ground breaking VetInvest report. This report helps you improve how efficiently you are using the practice and our farm veterinary services.
Today more focus is being placed on the importance of mobility by supermarkets and processors. This is because it's an area that can have underlying effects on herd productivity. To help you monitor mobility, we offer fortnightly and monthly mobility scoring from our VetTech team. They can produce a foot check report and have a number of mobility mentors in the team who help run our Healthy Feet programme.
With our Fair Price Medicines guarantee we pledged to compete with internet pricing in the UK. Because of this, client's trust in our practice has been revolutionised.  Medicine advice, availability, delivery and technical support are all included within our pricing structure and therefore we value the support you give to us by choosing us as your supplier of veterinary medicines.
We offer unique ways for our clients to monitor their vet investment as a result of our transparency on pricing. VetInvest tracks your spend on a per cow basis to ensure you are getting the best return on investment possible from our services. We utilise the report to analyse spend breakdown and work together to reduce certain areas where needed.
In addition to our VetInvest report, we offer a suite of analysis tools and reports that you can utilise for monthly monitoring or periodic benchmarking. Such tools include:
  • Transition Check
  • Growth Check
  • Colostrum Check
  • Feed Check to name a few
View examples here.
We are the largest provider of embryo transfer services in the UK and have a wealth of experience within our UKET team. By utilising embryo transfer, you would benefit from access to our inventory database through online tools, so you can keep track of your embryos. For more information on UKET, please click here.
Going hand in hand with our Embryo Transfer service, we can also offer genomic testing and breeding advice in collaboration with the Clarifide testing programme. For more information on the breeding advice we can offer, please click here.
We hold a number of discussion groups that are open for all of our clients to join. Here we compare data which can help you benchmark and identify areas for change, as well as sharing ideas that will further improve your business efficiency. Such groups include our Flock Health and Healthy Heifer groups.

Farm Veterinary Services