Freeze Branding

The VetTech team can now carry out freeze branding on farm for a hassle free approach.

We have developed this service over the last 12 months, taking great care to ensure that the quality and results of the service are up to the highest standard. With the support of clients, we have been able to hone in our technique and now have a robust, efficient and hassle free method. A proper freeze branding job done.

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The Freeze Branding Process with LLM

  • Book in your branding with the practice, letting us know the number of animals you would like to brand
  • Two of our VetTechs will come out on farm at the agreed date and time
  • You sort the animals you want to be branded beforehand (or wait until our Techs arrive to give you a hand!)
  • A quick discussion with our VetTechs on how you want the cows branded up
  • The VetTechs will get on with the branding until the allocated cows are finished

Freeze Branding Irons

Freeze Branding Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use two VetTechs?

Whilst developing the service, we have realised that clients value having two VetTechs present to carry out the process. This second pair of hands means you do not have to hang around whilst the freeze branding is carried out, but get on with other important jobs instead.

Do you have a minimum number of cows?

Because we are using dry ice, we do have to be careful about the numbers we are branding. Ideally, there would be a minimum of 20 cows, however, if you do have less than this and are flexible on date and time, we might be able to look at a slot for you follow another appointment in your area. 

What is the cost?

We price based on the number of cows to be branded. Please get in touch with the practice and we can give you an accurate cost.

Is this service available everywhere?

We’re currently offering the service across our three practice areas that cover:

  • Cheshire
  • Shropshire
  • North Wales
  • Staffordshire
  • Derbyshire
  • Lancashire

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