We believe that working together to share knowledge is the most powerful method of increasing performance and efficiency on farm. Our passion for agriculture and knowledge exchange has led us to develop a wide range of agricultural training courses. These are open for all and specifically designed to help put knowledge into action.

Our training courses are a mix of practical and tutorial sessions and can be run at a location of your choice. Here are just a few of the courses we have available:

One day tutorial and practical based course. This gives an introduction to the foot trimming process, foot anatomy, causes of lameness and the 5 step Dutch foot trimming method. Led by Tom Wright who has a special interest in lameness and has spoken on the topic a number of times in the industry.
Two day practical based course for those who have a bit of experience with foot trimming. This training is led by a foot trimming expert and goes into detail about the trimming method but also how to handle a cow and problem feet.
Three day tutorial and practical based course aimed at enabling you to perform your own DIY AI on farm. A great skill to be able to have. This course can be run on your own farm as a full course, or even if you just want refresher training to ensure you’re getting the best conception rates.
Our own practice developed course that is designed to share knowledge on the different medicine groups, legal storage and use. The layout of the training includes scenario planning which is particularly beneficial to those administering medicines on farm.
We have a wide range of skills within our team and contacts within the industry. Therefore if you have a topic area that is particularly important to you we can create a training session that will meet your needs. We have carried out a number of tailored sessions on farm including farm specific heifer rearing and Cow Signals.

To see our upcoming courses, please click here.

To enquire about a course, or training idea please speak to your vet or give Sarah a call on 01948 663000

Foot Trimming Training