Work For Us

Established from scratch in November 1999, LLM Farm Vets has grown through a focus on farm work alone and the highest standards of service for livestock farmers. We thoroughly believe that our success depends on our people. We will always be keen to meet individuals who can share our vision, values and who will help drive our future.

LLM Farm Vets Vision

We are a team entrusted with delivering progression to the livestock industry through excellence in all that we do. We take pride in our fun, friendly, happy and professional atmosphere; innovative products and services; and community values.

We have identified the following values that have assisted in the development and growth of the practice and our people:

  • Positivity
  • Empathy
  • Innovation
  • Efficiency and effectiveness

If you share these values and would like to be a part of our LLM Farm Vets team, we want to hear from you. Simply send a covering letter and CV to or apply for a vacancy through our current vacancies page.

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