Reports & Analysis

Here we give you a quick look at some of the reports we do for our clients. These are done by our vets and in house team to ensure you get the bets possible feedback on your results. Our reports are designed to give you feedback on any changes you have made and improvements in your processes. They also allow you to use the information to make informed choices and changes to problem areas. Please see below for some more information.

Our unique and original calf weights check report. We utilise this to monitor individual and group growth weights, allowing us to easily identify problems and trends over a specific time period.

Growth Check 2019

We are all aware that quantity, quality and time of delivery of colostrum have a big impact on the transfer of immunity to calves, but it is also an area that can see huge variation day to day. We have introduced colostrum check to help you keep an eye on this passive transfer and highlight any calves that might be susceptible to disease.

Colostrum Check 2020

This Infectious Disease Check report records antibody levels of five infectious diseases: Leptospirosis, BVD, Fluke, IBR and Schmallenberg. It records these over a specific time period, so you can analyse or identify any increases and create a plan to manage them effectively.

Infectious Disease Check 2020

Our Transition Check report analyses transition cow performance by recording BHB levels, associated with negative energy balance. It also takes a look at rumen fill and body condition score of the cows to give a full overview of fresh cow performance.

Transition Check 2020

VetInvest tracks your spend on a per cow basis to ensure you are getting the best return on investment possible from our services. We utilise the report to analyse spend breakdown and work together to reduce certain areas where needed.

VetInvest 2020

LLM Farm Vets Reports