Student Information

LLM provides placements to all students who show a particularly keen interest in the farming industry. All students are made exceptionally welcome, especially if they make a good brew!

We will ensure your time here is beneficial and will do our utmost to cover all areas of practice that you wish to learn more of; in doing so helping bring out the best in you.

If you wish to  see practice with LLM please download, read and fill in the application provided on the right.

Please be aware this application is to see practice at Whitchurch. To apply to see practice at our Lancashire branch, please email or We allow two weeks for first visits, but also allow longer stays for some students who show a particular aptitude for farm work.

Elective Placements:

We offer elective placements for students who have ideally seen practice with us previously before their elective placement. However, we know this is sometimes not possible and will accommodate the right student where possible. To get the most out of your placement with us it should be for a minimum of two weeks, but we prefer three to four weeks as this is proven to be more beneficial to your studies and further career.

Student EMS Application Form