Farming & Animal Health Webinars

Welcome to our webinar page, where we will bring you the latest information from our vet team on farming and animal health topics. If there is a topic you would like to see discussed but it’s not yet listed, please get in touch – we always welcome suggestions! If you would like any more information on the webinars below, please contact us.

BVD Stamp It Out

Webinar on BVD covering how it spreads in cattle, as well as how to eliminate it from your herd.

Fly Parasites – What are they?

An introduction to fly parasites and how we use them for fly control on farm.

Flock Health – How can you manage anthelmintic resistance?

Discussion on anthelmintics and how best to manage their use in your flock.

Tup Fertility Testing

It’s coming up to tupping time again and we wanted to go over why it’s so important to make sure your tupes are firing on all cylinders!

Regenerative Ruminating

We have recently run our first regenerative ruminating discussion group. Please tune in below to find out more.

Regenerative Ruminating “Integrated Parasite Control”

Please tune in to our regenerative parasite control discussion – an integrated approach.

Salmonella in Cattle

We talk alongside MSD about how to approach Salmonella in cattle, the signs, treatment and prevention; taking a look at our own disease data.

Sheep Scab

We’re joined by Bimeda and the Moredun Institute to discuss the latest research around scab and prevention techniques required to protect your flock.

Pre-lambing Live

Huge thank you to Reaseheath for letting us go live from their lambing shed for a pre-lambing essentials meeting