mastitis management is critical on dairy farms, here our team give you the latest dairy mastitis advice and management information to help you reduce incidence.

Summer mastitis – still a danger

Summer mastitis usually occurs between July and September, affecting dry cows and maiden heifers. Trueperella pyogenes is the primary causative agent, but infections are often mixed. It is transmitted by biting flies so conditions that promote their existence are risk factors for disease – humid and damp weather, just what […]

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Spotlight on processor regulation changes this October

With the new processor regulation changes (especially Tesco and Arla 360) coming into action this October and the increasing spotlight on reducing antibiotic use, there is further pressure for farmers to start or do more selective dry cow therapy (where you use just sealants on healthy low cell count cows […]

2021-08-19T12:07:12+00:00August 19th, 2021|Dairy, Mastitis|

Mastdecide – Making Mastitis Treatment Decisions Easier

There is no denying that as an industry we are constantly working towards reduced antibiotic usage and ensuring that we use them as responsibly and appropriately as possible. Mastitis is often an area where antibiotics may be used as part of a treatment protocol but ensuring that this is the […]

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What are ‘Chronic’ infections and how do we treat them?

Vet Partners have recently acquired the ‘Grassroots Herdcheck’ software for Cell Check and Feed Check reports, which have been very popular at LLM over the past twelve years. The platform is being hosted at our Whitchurch branch has been renamed ‘Dairy Monitor’ Cell Check, so look out for […]

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