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TB Rules in Wales

There will be some changes to the TB testing rules in the intermediate TB areas (ITBAs) of Wales coming into force on 1st February this year.

All cattle moved in from the High Risk Area of England (HRA) and from Northern Ireland will need a post-movement test (PoMT). Welsh Government […]

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Vector-borne diseases: Bluetongue and Schmallenberg!

Rob Hall gives an update on two important diseases, both of which are spread by biting midges and are currently causing issues in the UK.

Bluetongue Virus

Bluetongue is an infectious viral disease, which was first detected in the 1700s. It is widely found in many parts of North Africa […]

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National TB Conference

This year’s TB conference was held on 29th November 2023 in Worcester, hosted by The TB Advisory Service (TBAS). It was an opportunity to bring together all those involved in TB control and it was great to see so many people attend: veterinary practices, farmers and policy makers, all contributing […]

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Knowing Pneumonia…

Pneumonia or Bovine Respiratory Disease is a common, multi-factorial disease affecting growth and performance in calves and beef cattle. A case of pneumonia can impact an animal for life reducing growth rates and increasing finishing times ultimately impacting on profitability.

Identifying cases early is key to treatment success, however the […]

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The crucial role of ventilation for calf health

As you will know, the health and well-being of calves are paramount to the success of a dairy and beef operation. While factors such as nutrition and housing play crucial roles, one often underestimated aspect that significantly impacts calf health is proper ventilation.

Optimal Air Quality:

Adequate ventilation is essential […]

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