Fertility is vital for a successful farming business. There are many things that can affect the fertility rates of livestock. Here we give you some advice, news and information on how to best manage fertility in your herd and flock.

Post-calving management study

We’re aware of the negative effects of poor calcium, excess negative energy balance and poor anti-oxidant status on reproductive performance but some new studies go into more detail on this, highlighting the strong relationship each of these elements have for getting a cow back in calf.

A recently published paper […]

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Can you afford to neglect your breeding plan?

Rob Hall discusses how ‘right-sizing’ your breeding plan can add profit to your farm while helping you breed cows which are better for your business.

From 1st November 2021 Red Tractor has required all assured dairy farms to have a written breeding and management plan to summarise a farm’s breeding […]

2021-12-10T13:16:55+00:00December 10th, 2021|Dairy, Fertility, Management|

Kiwi Fertility

Whilst the Kiwi style of farming is often referred to as “rough and ready” or “low input- low output”, I was really struck by the level of investment farmers were prepared to make when the cost benefit or “payback” of an investment was apparent. With tough targets to meet in […]

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