Careful management of activities and processes on farm can make a huge difference to animal health and welfare. Here, the team give some advice and tips for successful management:

Soilt Testing: The experience is as valuable as the results

Lots or people are talking about it and one day, it may even play a role in subsidy. Healthy soil is actually a living entity with >5,000 species and more individual organisms in one handful as there have ever been humans on Earth.

But what does healthy soil mean? There is […]

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TB Advisory Service

TB Advisory Service

A new service, which is free to farmers, has come to LLM. Joe Wheeler from our VetTech team dishes out the info on this funded service.

The TB advisory service (TBAS) have trained some of the LLM team – Natalie Parker and myself from the VetTechs and Andrew Henderson from our Derbyshire practice – to be advisors to farmers who are in high risk areas or edge areas.

Each session is designed to provide unique TB prevention/action advice based on the farm system. The sessions which are FREE, offer an opportunity to discuss possible improvements in your defence on the battle against TB.

The sessions last around two hours in which we welcome your vet to join to aid the discussion on current practices and where changes may be made. Split into two sections, the visit is designed to give you the best advice possible that will benefit your business. To start with we will discuss your current TB situation and on farm processes, which will then be followed by a constructive assessment of buildings and fields, should time allow.

Depending on your system and situation, a number of areas may be focused on including:

  • How best to set up an isolation unit should you currently be free of TB
  • Advice on the utilisation of red markets
  • Identification of wildlife runs and how best to prevent them
  • Updates on government regulations in your area

There are easy steps that can be taken to help protect your farm from TB. We want to help you set realistic targets which can be implemented with relative low cost and be of great benefit to your business.

If you’re currently TB free but within a high risk area, we would fully recommend taking up this free service. Additionally, if you’re down with TB, please get in touch because we can give you practical tips and information that could help protect your herd.

If you are interested in taking up this opportunity please contact TBAS on 01306 779410 or phone us direct and we will sort your visit.

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