10 minutes is all you need!

Once a cow has calved the next big challenge is to get the calf through the first few weeks without scouring. We have some rapid scour kits available for free and Bertie gives us the low down.

Scours are the main cause of death in calves between 2 and 30 days of age. Studies have shown that preventing scour can lead to significantly improved growth rates, reduced mortality at six months of age and stronger, more robust calves. Implementing good calf management and having protocols in place is paramount in rearing healthy calves.

Critical steps to better calf health;

  • Colostrum!
  • Do not shift calves between pens/mobs
  • Avoid stress and overcrowding
  • Set goals and measure
  • Hygiene – maintain low infection pressure; clean boots with disinfectant between pens, wear new gloves, wash hands etc
  • Vaccinate
  • Ensure a healthy rearing environment
  • Pre-calving nutrition for cows – ensures good quality colostrum from cows

Scours result in the loss of vital salts, fluid and energy necessary for the calf’s survival. Treatment of scours is directed at replacing these losses. By knowing what is causing the problem, your vet can advise you as to which control measures should be targeted, and can prescribe the most appropriate treatment.

We have funded rapid scour tests remaining; a quick and easy solution for identifying what pathogens are causing scours. All we need is one sample!

Calf Scours Risk