Backing up what Amy discussed earlier, Rach Cooper gives us an insight into the benefits of clipping cattle for housing and how the VetTechs can help.

We all know that British winters can be unusually warm and unpredictable making a lot of housed cattle uncomfortable. Here we discuss the benefits of clipping to improve comfort and reduce risk of disease.

Animals especially at risk are Beef animals that will be housed in straw yards. These animals can become very sweaty due to their thick hair and muscle mass. Fortunately, a large proportion of UK farmers realise the benefits they gain from keeping their cattle cool. Therefore clipping before housing has become a common trend in the industry.

If an animal becomes too hot, they waste their energy by sweating and trying to cool themselves down. If their backs are clipped it helps them keep cool. The energy that would have been wasted will be utilised in other ways including increase in dry matter intake. It can also reduce the risk of pneumonia as a sweaty coat that cools will chill an animal.

However, it’s not just back clipping that is beneficial at this time of year. Whilst clipping their backs, it may be worth tail clipping to help keep them clean. To help reduce the risk of mastitis and improve udder hygiene, it is advisable to clip milking cows tails too.

Pre- housing for winter is a good time to prepare and ensure the welfare management of your stock is up to date. Clipping is an ideal opportunity, to carry out any other routine management tasks.

If you would like to enquire about the Vet Tech services available or have any questions, please ask your vet or Vet Tech.