Joe Wheeler from our VetTech team is one of our trained TBAS advisors. Hopefully you will have heard of the funded service available to farmers in the high risk and edge areas. Joe’s been doing visits since the end of last year and gives us a TBAS update.

We have been doing TBAS visits for several months now and each visit has been really positive with several outcomes for improvements that could be made to help reduce their chance of getting TB. This makes our visits a lot more rewarding knowing that the farm is fully involved in improving their defences.

A key question often discussed is the value in post movement testing of cattle. If cattle are grazed on a relief block and they are pre movement tested, why should we post movement test?

TBAS was set up to help minimise the risk and therefore the damage caused by TB. As seen in certain areas, more testing can lead to finding more TB (the move to six month testing). Some may find this a negative. But as a collective, the sooner we find infected animals the sooner they are removed and a healthier herd exists.

The advantage of post movement testing animals, and isolating them until they are clear reduces the risks of any false negatives being missed.

TBAS Update from Joe Wheeler

We have had some really great advisory visits, but there is room for more uptake. This service is fully funded for you. It would be great to see more of our clients taking it up. We have also got access to four wildlife cameras that we can set up and hire out if you are interested in identifying wildlife entering feed areas etc. Please give Nat or Joe a call for more information:

Natalie Parker – 07841 775697
Joe Wheeler – 07849 835379