Have Ewe Quarantined?

When speaking to farmers during new client or ‘Vet Declaration’ visits, one of the questions I always ask is; ‘where do your replacements come from?’

The answer to this question varies. Some people are breeding their own, others buy in (from one source or multiple), some won’t breed at all […]

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“Halal: Dispelling the myths and exploring the market” – AHDB

Join LLM, Dalehead and AHDB to dicuss what halal means and why it is an important part of the Muslim communities’ dietary requirements.Dispelling myths around how the sector operates, giving confidence to farmers wanting to capitalise on the market. Also understanding the cuttings of a lamb to halal specification, demonstrating […]

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“Flock Performance – How are ewe doing?”

Join us for our upcoming flock club talk…
“Flock Performance – How are ewe doing?”

Wednesday 12th July, 7pm
LLM Broughton
To register, please contact the office on
01772 866014
Food Provided

Join us as we anonymously delve into your scanning and abortion data. Are you hitting industry targets?

How can we help you to improve these figures […]

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How big of a deal is anthelmintic resistance in sheep?

Anthelmintic resistance is one of the biggest challenges to the health and profitability of sheep and affects the entire sheep industry. A recent study found that parasitic worms has been estimated to cost the European livestock industry more than €1.8 billion per year, with drug resistance costing at least €38 […]

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