Since the launch of our Feet First service, Chris has been flying out trimming across the practice area, so thank you for your support! Lameness is a welfare issue for cows and can often get overlooked, though thankfully, awareness is definitely increasing on-farm which is brilliant.

It is still something that we need to collectively take ownership of. Improving lameness takes two angles – treating and managing lame cows and preventing new cases. The introductory Feet First offer of a free mobility score, plus some trimming time free has been well received, with many instantly seeing the benefits of swift trimming following the scoring session. It’s not too late to take up the introductory offer, though it will be ending soon so please get in touch with our foot trimming whizz Emma Harding for more information and to book a slot – 01948 665593

If reducing lameness is on your radar, or even if it isn’t your top priority at the moment, we want to highlight a new project that has been produced by the Vet Partners mobility group. The group is made up of cattle mobility enthusiasts throughout the Vet Partners farm practices, including our own Tom Wright, Nat Parker, Andrew Henderson, Will Gratwick and Hannah Fitzsimmonds. The aim is to share knowledge and expertise to improve mobility on farm and as part of this they have produced Project FEET. This project aims to better understand attitudes towards recognising pain and treating it by the whole mobility team, including farmers, foot trimmers, veterinary technicians, and vets.

Reducing Lameness - Foot Trimming

Why lameness?

Lameness in dairy cows is a common problem encountered on farm and is a significant cause of poor health and welfare. The prevalence of lameness is thought to be around 30% in the National UK dairy herd, with a case costing an average of £330.

Previous studies have shown that people involved with lame cattle perceive it to be painful and we want to explore this further with the whole mobility team.

Why the whole team?

To make a difference on farm we need everyone involved in managing lame dairy cows to be involved. Lameness is a complex problem and it requires a team solution. To date, much of the research around pain and lameness has involved vets. We want to extend this to farmers and foot trimmers. We call this group the ‘Mobility Healthcare Team.’

What does the study involve?

We need farmers, foot trimmers, veterinary technicians and vets to complete a short (approx 10 mins) questionnaire and tell us a bit about themselves, what they think of certain conditions and how they manage lame cows. There is a separate, slightly different link for each group within the team, so please make sure you complete the correct questionnaire.

What are we trying to find out?

We want to find out what:

  • How do the different members of the farm mobility team rate the pain of various mobility conditions in lame dairy cows?
  • When and how do vets and farmers use painkillers/anti-inflammatories in lame dairy cows?
  • Do the different members of the farm mobility team think and act differently?

What about the prize draw?

At the end of the survey, if you wish to be entered into a prize draw to win £100 Love to Shop vouchers you will be directed to another survey. You will be asked to leave your contact details there. This ensures your responses to the main survey remain anonymous.

To participate, please visit the following website, or find the link on our facebook page: