‘Optimizing transition management to maximize your cow’s success and how to manage ‘outlier’ cows’

Will Tulley from Advanced Ruminant Nutrition will be talking about recent advances in dry cow nutrition.LLM and ELANCO will be talking about how Old House Farm manages their transition period with the targeted use of Kexxtone.

Let us know you’re coming for catering purposes: 01629 […]

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What can we do to help prevent parasite burdens in our sheep?

Being sure to use quarantine treatments on bought-in animals will reduce the risk of bringing wormer resistant parasites onto your farm. Planning ahead for this can bring a host of benefits, but there are a few additional prevention areas we can look at as well.

1. Breeding your own replacements


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Pre-lambing Nutrition

It’s coming towards that time of year….. lambing time! The 6 weeks pre-lambing are crucial as 70% of the lamb’s growth is in this period; causing ewe requirements to double but having reduced appetite from being heavily pregnant. Getting pre-lambing nutrition right is essential for a good lambing […]

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