Tackling Mastitis in Summer

With the sun (finally) shining and grazing in full swing, now is a good time to think about measures to control mastitis incidence through the summer, and having accurate and appropriate treatment protocols should flare ups occur

While environmental type mastitis (e.coli, s.uberis etc.) has always been seen as a […]

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Herdsperson Certificate Module 2 – Mastitis Masterclass

On this course learn –

  • Take a sterile milk sample
  • Confidently treat cases on farm
  • Understand links between parlour routine & udder health
  • Uses diagnostic cow side test on farm
  • Correct techniques for intramammary treatments
  • Learn how a mammary gland works & how it can go wrong
  • Diagnose mastitis bugs […]
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Summer mastitis – still a danger

Summer mastitis usually occurs between July and September, affecting dry cows and maiden heifers. Trueperella pyogenes is the primary causative agent, but infections are often mixed. It is transmitted by biting flies so conditions that promote their existence are risk factors for disease – humid and damp weather, just what […]

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Counting the Cost of Mastitis

Mastitis causes greater economic losses than any other production disease of dairy cattle. Some of these costs are clearly visible and include the medicines used for both treatment and prevention, discarding unsaleable milk and culling affected cows. In addition, milk price is directly affected by both bonuses and penalties related […]

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What are ‘Chronic’ infections and how do we treat them?

Vet Partners have recently acquired the ‘Grassroots Herdcheck’ software for Cell Check and Feed Check reports, which have been very popular at LLM over the past twelve years. The platform is being hosted at our Whitchurch branch has been renamed ‘Dairy Monitor’ Cell Check, so look out for […]

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