Lambing Course


The aim of this course is to expand your knowledge and skills ready for this year’s lambing season! We will be covering the following topics…managing your ewes in the pre and post-lambing period, common malpresentations of lambs and how to correct them, and […]
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Counting sheep – what your scanning data is telling you

There are a few of important dates in the sheep farmer’s calendar, scanning day being one. After meticulously studying the different raddle-marked backsides from tupping now is the time to really see if the rams have earnt their keep.

Scanning provides measurable values that can be compared to previous years […]

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Lambing Time 2021

Lambing 2021 is well and truly in full swing, as we hear Steph tell us about her start to the lambing season.

We have had a fast start to lambing time this year; vasectomising a homebred shearling tup that didn’t quite reach the mark. He has really tightened up our […]

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Twin Lamb Disease

Twin Lamb Disease – Who’s at risk?

  • Ewes during late gestation
  • Animals with multiple foetuses
  • Over conditioned ewe
  • Under conditioned ewe

How is Twin Lamb Disease caused?

In late gestation the energy requirement of each fetus increases significantly. […]

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