One of my favourite events of year coming up…TURN OUT! Who else is excited? As the easy task of letting all the stock commences it also opens the door to all the questions about how best to maintain a low parasite burden in your stock.

The Lancashire team have flourished in reducing the use of wormer being used unnecessarily on many of our dairy and beef farms saving many of you hundreds of pounds.

So where to start:

  1. Put a Plan in place with the whole farm team, make sure you include your techs and other stock persons as they are the guys who will handle the animal’s day to day and keep an eye on their health
  2. Think about Lungworm vaccination in cattle for a long term effective way to control the parasite pre-turnout. Using vaccination as a method of control can have a positive impact on your daily live weight gain, overall health and welfare of your stock. Vaccinations can also last a lot longer than treatments so cost less long term.
  3. Routinely collect samples – make sure you put a plan in place to collect samples at the correct time ideally 3 weekly, set reminders on your phone, put notes in your diary/calendar or just pass it onto the Vet Tech team to deal with, whatever method works for you – just make sure it happens
  4. Only treat if you need to, we have found that most of the stock that would have previously had routine treatment just for the sake of it haven’t needed any treatment for the past couple of years. Ensure to implement a target treatment protocol to reduce wormer resistance.
  5. If you have fields with a known worm burden, try to avoid putting stock on that land or if you do need to ensure to put less vulnerable stock on there such as second season grazers or other adult stock.
  6. Finally don’t forget to put a plan in place for housing, or a reminder to speak to your vet/SQP in the Autumn.

If you would like to know more about the successful methods over the last couple of seasons or would like some help getting to grips with Parasite control Plans get in contact with any members of the team.