LLM Farm Vets Derbyshire

LLM Farm Vets Derbyshire, based in Bakewell and Needwood, offers the same range of veterinary and VetTech services as our other LLM locations, bringing farm veterinary expertise to Derbyshire and the surrounding area.

Over the years we have established ourselves as a leading farm veterinary practice. We deliver excellence in all that we do, to ensure we your business benefits from our service.

What can LLM Farm Vets Derbyshire do for you?

  • Provision of dedicated farm animal vets focused on your livestock
    You will only have service from experienced farm vets who are supported by a network of livestock specialists. Any problems you have, we will endeavour to sort it.
  • Direct access to a vet 24/7
    We believe it’s important you can quickly get advice no matter what time – our on call goes straight through to the vet so you don’t have to waste time.
  • Full reporting and analysis tools to identify areas for improvement
    Specifically tailored to livestock, we have created a suite of analysis tools that will help boost your productivity.
  • Fair price guarantee, plus free medicine delivery
    Our pricing structure is transparent, with no visit fees charged, to ensure you know you are getting the best value for money from our services.
  • Access to the innovative VetTech service
    Services designed to provide a hassle free way to ensure your herd’s health.
Farm Vets Derbyshire
Farm Vets Derbyshire
LLM Farm Vets Derbyshire

Our practices

The Show Office, Agricultural Way, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1AH
Tel: 01629 691692

Unit 1, Upper Linbrook Farm , Needwood, Burton upon Trent, DE13 9PF
Tel: 01335 361420