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This medicine matters course is applicable to anyone administering veterinary medicine on farm. It discusses the different types of medicine, including the new CIA classification and generational antibiotics, but more importantly why we must be responsible with the use on farm. The day is very interactive with delegates taking part in a range of scenarios which demonstrate how vets make treatment decisions and why a product is used over another.

Medicine Matters Learning Objectives:
  • Recognise and appreciate different classes of veterinary medicines
  • Appreciate the legal responsibilities of medicine usage and storage on farm
  • Gain a greater understanding of why a product is used and allow delegates to see why vets make different treatment choices.
  • Facilitate thorough and long-lasting consideration of factors that are important in making these treatment choices (e.g. spectrum of activity, penetration, treatment length, route, safety, cost, withdrawals, and likelihood of resistance).
  • Gain a greater understanding of the challenges and pressures facing the livestock industry with respect to long term antibiotic usage.

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