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Join us for an evening meeting discussing all things Johne’s management with guest speaker Pete Orpin and Laura Chesters (whilst sampling some beer and bacon).

Johne’s is an iceberg disease that is still heavily prevalent on farms across the UK. Over the past couple of years, more and more tools have been launched to help with its management on farm, making it much more achievable to minimise Johne’s in your herd and reap the benefits of improved herd health. Pete Orpin has been central to many of these initiatives and having just retired from practice, is still actively involved in pursuing greater awareness of the impact of Johne’s on farm and how best to manage it.

A bit more about Pete:

Pete recently retired from 38 years in practice to devote more time to working with Johne’s Disease (JD) and consultancy. He is a founding member of the Action Group Johne’s, Chair of AGJ Technical group, co-founder of Myhealthyherd, a web based platform with the first comprehensive online tool to manage JD. Among many other achievements and activities, Pete is the UK rapporteur for JD to the International Dairy Federation and has published and lectured widely on the disease nationally and internationally.

If you’re keen to come along, please give the practice a call on 01948 663000 or drop us an email at

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