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This assessing the dairy cow course is designed to give attendees a better perspective of how the dairy cow functions. The content is based around the cow anatomy; how each area functions and what purpose it has. After detailing the background anatomy of the cow, the course leads on to identifying changes in cow signals that may signify health problems. This course if recommended for those who want to improve their herd management and cowman skills.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognise the “cow signals” that indicate that a cow’s health status is sub-optimal and appreciate the potential causes for these signals.
  • Have a basic understanding of bovine thoracic and abdominal anatomy and how it changes with an LDA and RDA.
  • Understand the aetiology of what causes a “ping”
  • Understand how best to diagnose a reticular wire
  • Practical assessment of the dairy cow, with particular attention to hydration status, temperature and respiratory rate
  • Practical use of a stethoscope on live animals